200P Finest Zero Swirl Finishing Polish

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Size 1 L
Autobros Finest Zero Swirl Finishing Polish (200P)
  • Highest-performing machine polish for removing swirl marks after compounding
  • Produces gloss by mechanical polishing only, does not contain any silicones or waxes
  • Produces a refined, polished finish to painted surfaces
  • The formulation allows for a longer working time for paint correction
  • Little product is required for each use thus saving money
  • Holds better on polishing pads leading to reduced sling, mess and cleanup time
  • Low-dusting, low-splatter formula cleans up with ease
  • Safe and effective on all clear coats, lacquers, enamels, and all refinished and OEM paints

1) Auto bros 200P FINEST is our best product for removing compound swirl marks and producing the finest zero-defect finish

2) Its high-efficiency formula means you'll use the least amount of product, saving both time and money

3) Makes the paint completely defect-free, and gives OEM finish

4) Does not contain any type of fillers, silicones or waxes

5) Zero dusting formulation, gives great results without making a mess. Easy-to-apply product with longer working time

6) 200P Polish easily wipes off with a damp microfibre towel, and you can use it in the sun or in the shade to achieve outstanding results

7) 200P is body shop safe and can be used with any type of buffing pad or machine. It acts as a light compound with a cutting pad and as a finishing polish with a finishing pad. It works quickly to remove (not hide) swirl marks, scratches, and other blemishes while creating a perfect shine on all types of paint


1) Apply on a clean and cool surface away from the direct sunlight

2) Do not use the product on a heated surface or under direct sun.

3) Do not leave the product on the surface overnight or for extended periods.

4) It doesn't remove any dents or major or moderate scratches

5) Do not apply on plastic, vinyl or rubber parts.

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