All Purpose Extraction Cleaner

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Size 1 L

Our All Purpose Extraction Cleaner is ideal for cleaning interiors, exteriors etc. It is a super cleaner that disintegrates and removes stains from virtually all surfaces. It is effective for removing food, oil, dirt, grease stains and also eliminates foul odour, leaving a clean & bright surface. A combination of water-miscible solvents and surfactants, this all-purpose cleaner breaks down dirt and grease with ease.

The superior foaming action gently lifts the dirt away while its unique blend of surfactants and optical brighteners enhance the look and feel of carpet, upholstery, plastic, vinyl, and leather surfaces. At higher concentrations, it is great for cleaning wheels, tires, whitewalls and pre-spotting carpets before shampooing.

- Ideal for cleaning & restoring all interior surfaces like cleaning carpets, fabrics, dashboard, vinyl, upholstery, plastic, leather surfaces and more.

- Highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaning solution for a wide variety of surfaces.

- Active foaming action lifts dirt from vehicle surfaces

- Dilution: Heavy strength 4:1 - Medium Strength 10:1

DIRECTIONS: Use full strength for tough jobs or dilute upto 4:1 for medium-duty cleaning jobs or dilute up to 10:1 for lighter duty cleaning jobs. Dilute to desired strength. Spray diluted Auto Bros All-Purpose Extraction Cleaner onto a cool surface. Allow diluted product to soak for 40 to 60 seconds. Scrub with a brush, generate lather. Lift the residue with a clean microfiber cloth. Let it air dry for few hours. In case of vacuum cleaner, after brushing, lift with a vacuum cleaner for better results.

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