Auto Bros Car Care Kit 11Pcs

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Auto Bros Detailing Kit gives enthusiasts control of their own vehicle’s destiny by providing everything they need for a perfectly detailed car. This kit carries the essential tools to wash your car, clean and defend leather, shine and protect wheels, improve visibility and leave the paint’s exterior with a phenomenal shine. Begin the regimen by washing away layers of stuck-on dirt and filth with polymer-powered Bucket Wash Car Shampoo. Use the professional grade premium Microfiber Towel for a careful dry that will not leave paint with any scratches or swirls. Use Ultimate Scratch and Swirl Remover to remove minor scratches, stains and paint transfer marks. Shine and protect your wheels and black trim by using Tyre Dressing Polish. Spread a coat of Liquid Wax Polish with sealant by using the Foam Applicator Pad, and you’ll quickly be amazed at the deep wet shine that has now been revealed. Don’t forget that it’s the inside that counts; protect the leather interior from fading, discoloring or cracking by nourishing and restoring with Dashboard and Leather Conditioner. Refill the windshield tank with Washer Fluid Additive for better visibility and a safer driving experience. The Auto Bros Car Detailing Kit gives enthusiasts the power and confidence to know they can have a car looking just as good as the ones done by professionals.

Kool Car Shampoo

A high-quality polymer-based shampoo that penetrates, emulsifies and dissolves dirt while conditioners and lubricants glide them away without affecting the coating/wax protection. pH balanced formula will gently remove the toughest road grime and surface contaminants.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Dashboard & Leather Conditioner

A multi-surface shield for your vehicle's interior, that works great on leather, vinyl, plastic rubber surfaces. It protects from UV rays, prevents cracking, drying and fading. Your interiors will maintain a fresh new-like look for a long time. Leaves a pleasant fragrance as well.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Tyre Polish

A spray able water-based dressing that creates a bright wet-look shine, just like that of a brand new car, on tires and other rubber, vinyl, and plastic around your car. Formulated to give a rich, glossy look to tyres. Best part is its easy application and non-greasy formula which does not attract dust.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Liquid Wax Polish & Sealant

An easy-to-use wax that leaves a high-depth gloss that lasts for a long time. Made with Brazilian carnauba wax fortified with high-performance polymers that bond to the paint and protect it from oxidation & other environmental damages.

It hides minor scratches & leads to a flawless finish.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Ultimate Scratch & Swirl Remover

An ultimate scratch remover that saves your car from small scratches, swirls, paint transfer and other marks that comes at the hands of other careless people. Easy to use product, can be applied by hand or machine.

Designed to remove minor / small scratches where the paint has not been removed.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Washer Fluid for Wind Shield

An efficient cleaner that removes dirt, bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, road grime, and mud from the windscreen. Contains cleaners that break down dirt making it easy to wipe off.

Made with special lubricants that reduce the wear of wipers and improve visibility, giving a superior driving experience.

Packaging Size : 300 ML

Foam Pad Applicators

Ideal for application of liquid wax, tyre polish and leather / dashboard conditioner. Gives an even application.

Quantity : 3 Pcs

Microfiber Cloths

High absorbency and non-abrasive property of the fiber gives better scratch-free cleaning of all surfaces.

Quantity : 2 Pcs

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