Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover

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A Solution for Eliminating Sticky Residues: Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally we paste something like stickers or tapes on our vehicle. But later on, when we remove them, it usually leaves a stubborn stain. Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover can be helpful in removing gum, adhesive, tape buildup, coal tar, pen stains and a whole lot more.

Securely Eliminate Stickiness From Your Surfaces – This is a surface-safe solution that removes the gum stains without hurting your surface, so you don't lose the glossiness of the finish, strip away the paint or face any damage while removing the stickiness.

Special Gum and Adhesive Removing Formula- Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover is a special formula developed to secure the surface of your car. Sticky stains are hard to remove, or it may strip off the paint too. But with this remover, you need not worry about this.

Fragrances – Usually, some gum and adhesive remover leave some alcoholic or weird smell afterward but Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover is made with pine-based cleaning specialists and which leaves a lovely piney aroma after cleaning.

Simple CLEANUP: Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover lifts the sticky adhesive from the surface to break the bond.

A PROUD MADE IN INDIA BRAND:- We are an Indian manufacturer of this remover and serve our clients with our amazing automotive detailing products. Use our solutions with complete confidence, and get an amazing experience of our incredibly magical products.


Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover allows you to rapidly remove adhesive, tape and tar from your vehicle's painted surfaces without damaging, scratching or using abrasives. This simple-to-use mix won't hurt auto paint surfaces or glass or vinyl surfaces. It is a spray, leave and wipe-off formula with an easy-to-apply spray bottle.

Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover consists a mix of oils, solvents & cleaners that helps eliminate the stickers and wax without abrasives or the requirement for scrubbers or different instruments. This wipe-on, clear-off mix requires no blending and is alright for use on most restored auto paints. It is additionally appropriate for removing adhesive buildup from vinyl and glass surfaces. It tends to be utilized to eliminate tar, connection tape buildup, and guard sticker glue as well as wax.
Autobros has long evolved items to assist you with getting the most satisfaction and worth from your vehicles. Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover is an incredible product that eliminates intense buildup from the painted surface.

It does not damage the paint or the quality of the surface and hence, is able to make your vehicle spotless, clean and shiny.

An essential product for every car detailer. Experts should keep Autobros Gum, Adhesive & Tar Remover. It is helpful to have this cleaner in the shop, as vehicles can become tainted by adhesive buildup during different phases of body fix. The ability to instantly remove these obstinate stains gives a superpower that every detailer should have.

How to use

It is a very simple to use formula, just follow following steps
• Clean the surface
• Spray on the sticky spots
• Leave it for around 15-20 minutes
• Wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel or any other cloth and you are done

About the brand
AutoBros is one of the leading brands in car detailing range. We are providing special and sophisticated formulations to make every car look perfect. AutoBros offers high-performance car care products for every car surface, inside and out. Car care experts of AutoBros strive to give customers the premium results they seek and try to satisfy every car’s need.

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