Hard Water Scale Remover

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Water spots are the mineral stains left over after a drop of water evaporates. The specially formulated cleaner lifts the stains with a mild acid, removing the stuck-on water stain quickly and effortlessly.
Carefully formulated to remove hard water spots on car paint without damaging the finish. Does not contain hydrochloric, sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid.

Effective sprayable formula is easy to use remains on vertical surfaces for better cleaning. The new technology chemically embraces and lifts mineral deposits and protects surfaces from future water spots. Easy to apply, spray, scrub and wipe off.

- Removes water spot stains from paint, glass and metal
- Neutralizes water spot stains for effortless removal
- Permanently removes stuck-on water spots in seconds
- Does not contain hydrochloric, sulfuric or hydrofluoric acid.

• Work out of direct sunlight for best results.
• Clean the area to remove any loose dirt, debris, or abrasive contamination.
• Spray AutoBros Hard Water Scale Remover on the area to be cleaned like logos, fuel tank, engine bay, grill, window glass etc.
• Leave for a couple of minutes, do not let it dry, reapply if required, then scrub with a brush.
• Rinse the area with plenty of water or waterless wash solution to neutralize the scale remover.
• Wax or seal the area to help prevent future contamination and water spot etching.

Please Note: Always try a test spot before use.

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