Liquid Wax Carnauba Polish

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Size 1 L
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Auto Bros Liquid Wax is a premium carnauba wax-based polish that restores gloss to paint surfaces & protects from UV rays.

1) Long-lasting wax protection to preserve your finish & leaves it with a brilliant reflective shine

2) Our proprietary blend of liquid carnauba wax and protecting polymers has been improved to leave an even richer shine and deeper gloss with sharp, clear reflections

3) Easily glides on and off, can be applied by hand or with a buffer polisher

4) Auto Bros liquid carnauba wax polishes and protects your paint surface in one simple step

5) Safe and effective on clear coats & all glossy paint types

Auto Bros Carnauba Wax is the quick and easy way to shine and protect your paint. Our Auto Bros Liquid Wax removes light oxidation & hides mild defects as well. It creates a long-lasting, glossy finish with a reflective shine


Instruction on How To Use :

1) Shake Well Before Use.

2) Apply to a clean, dry, soft cloth or foam pad applicator – spread uniformly over painted surface

3) Let it dry & haze

4) Wipe off with clean soft cloth & buff by hand to get a rich deep shine

5) In case the wax has been left for a longer time and is hard to buff, wipe with a damp cloth and then buff with a dry microfiber towel.

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