Saver Snow Foam

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Size 1 L

Auto Bros Saver Snow is a high-efficiency, cost-effective snow foaming shampoo, that gives thick luxurious foam.

  • Rich Dense Foam
  • High Lubrication
  • Prevents Scratching
  • Polymers Lift Dirt Easily
  • Sticky Foam


Auto Bros Saver Snow Foam effectively removes loose contaminants like dirt, road grime, bugs and brake dust, without affecting your wax or sealant as this is a pH-neutral formulation.
Whether you’re a professional detailer or detailing enthusiast, Saver Snow Foam will deliver amazing results and leave your paint clean with a brilliant shine. This specialized formula is rich in lubricants that act as a layer on the surface and help remove contaminants both safely & easily.


Mix 100ml of Auto Bros Saver Snow to 1L water in the snow foam gun supply bottle. Shake the bottle to mix thoroughly. Connect the foam gun to the pressure washer, adjust the nozzle for maximum foam and cover the vehicle in snow foam. Apply a second layer of foam to dirtier areas. Allow snow foam to run off the vehicle, but do not allow it to dry. Apply more snow foam to dry spots. Use a microfiber car wash mitt to clean the car.

For Bucket Washing: Add 20-25ml of Saver Snow foam in 5 L water, and wash with the prepared solution.
Dilution Ratio | Heavy Foaming - 1:10 | Bucket Washing - 1:100 |

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